Expert Cotton Gauntlet

Expert Cotton Gauntlets & Gloves

Flat Knit Custom garment knitted with cotton for comfort

Customizable to any shape or size, the dense knit of our Juzo Expert seamed flat knit garments works hard to contain any swelling that may occur. This unique design is also available with cotton threads woven in for increased comfort, resulting in 100% cotton contact with the skin.

  • Models: 3021CO & 3022CO
  • Styles: Gauntlet & Glove
  • Sizes: Custom to any shape or size
  • Lengths: Custom to any length
  • Compressions: 18-21 & 23-32 mmHg
  • Standard Colors:
    • Cotton Fibers, great for skin sensitivities
    • Latex free
    • Breathable
    • Lots of options
    • Extremely comfortable
    • Machine wash and dry
    • Flat and non-irritating seam
    • UV Protection
    • Lymphedema severe
    • Burn/Scar Management
    • Edema/Swelling severe